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Immigration Law and the DREAM Act/Deferred Action

The Law Firm of Brian DeBauche provides assistance to individuals living within the United States who may have either arrived without proper legal authorization, or who overstayed legal permission to remain within the country.  The firm pursues applications for adjustment of status, asylum, deportation defense and will vigorously pursue the new DREAM Act and deferred action programs.  Immigration law is a complicated field of practice and defending against deportation and removal can be the most important decision in your life; seek experienced legal help with any decision regarding  your immigration status.

The most important change in 2012 is President Obama's authorization of the  DREAM Act and potential eligibility for minor children who entered this country illegally, or overstayed and are now illegally present; this program provides assistance to many in this country who previously had very few ways to seek residency.  This program will provide benefits to thousands, but may not outlast the election at the end of this year.

See, the DREAM Act page for information.