Colorado Dig Law: Defense for Construction Claims  and Excavators

This firm vigorously pursues civil litigation, commonly understood as 'lawsuits', in all courts within the State of Colorado.  Civil cases typically involve demands for money, injunctions, or declarations or rights.  We handle primarily commercial disputes between or against companies and individuals, as well as collections actions.  If you are sued, or contemplate suing an individual or business, the work involved in litigation can be time-consuming, demanding, and lengthy.  Litigation of any type must be very detailed, accurate, and timely meet all court deadlines.  This type of litigation can be unforgiving, and when a business or profession is at stake you will want to be kept well-informed on progress, and can rest assured that each step of the case will be immediately communicated to you.  We can now use cloud-based updates for your case, should you wish to link directly to your case progress.

Underground Cable and Utility Damage Cases

Nearly twenty years ago this firm began a relationship with Comcast of Colorado (2000), litigating underground cable damage cases across the state of Colorado, and advising the company on investigation of damage claims.  This firm now continues this practice, although the emphasis is switched to defense of claims on behalf of contractors and excavators who are subject to damage claims.  We aggressively defend suits brought by underground utility companies, and have both background knowledge and experience of this very specific area of both claims and cases.  This firm has more experience in this area of law, and actually litigating these types of claims, than any other firm in Colorado.

You must call before you dig!  The Dig Law in Colorado for underground utilities provides for nearly automatic penalties, assessment of attorney's fees and costs, and litigation when an excavator or contractor moves any soil around and contacts an underground cable, line or installation.  These statutes are written to protect both contractors, and the utility companies, from accidental damages and potential injuries to workers and homeowners.  This very strict statute can be misused however, in ways that are perhaps unforeseeable to the layman; only qualified legal assistance can provide advice on how to deal with underground utility damage claims.

Links below provide appellate cases decided for the Comcast of Colorado, and pursued personally by this firm.  The firm handled excavation damage cases for Comcast through 2012, but now defends and litigates utility issues for contractors, excavators, fence companies and average construction concerns, as well as handling a variety of other commercial disputes.

Comcast of Colorado v. Express Concrete