Change in community corrections sentence calculations/early termination

Colorado last year passed amendments to the way in which Community Corrections clients have their time computed; June of 2011 is the effective date of the Act, which is linked here: Senate Bill 11-254

This bill has the following effects on those sentenced to Community Corrections;

1.  Makes it mandatory on the program to calculate earned time/good time for all non-residential and residential time with any particular facility; this is a change from former language which said the programs "may" award such time credits.  The mandatory language is conditional on employment, or programming and education, or a waiver of employment.

2.  Allows for early termination, and requests for early termination from such programs as long as the defendant completed residential phase, paid the costs of the program in full, and is on non-residential status.  This is a request made directly to the court, and may require the 'probation officer' to submit a notice to court and a petition on the client's behalf.   One important piece of this act forbids the court from considering unpaid fines and costs as a reason to deny early termination.