High-level Republican files suit to stop deferred action program

Kris Kobach is the Kansas Secretary of State; and filed suit as a lawyer, in another state (Texas) on behalf of several Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE) to stop the Deferred Action Program.  Previously I believed this program would be limited by the 2012 election, as the Romney position seems to be firmly against this program as a form of "amnesty".  Kobach has pushed the Republican party to harden its stance against immigration; and is now asking a U.S. District Court in Texas to enjoin or stop the program, based on vague threats against the employment status of these agents, who complain their supervisors ordered them to violate other mandates contained within federal law.  The entire complaint filed by Kobach as a private lawyer can be viewed at this link, Crane, Engle et al. v. Napolitano. These moves mean that the program may become short-lived, and this lawsuit regardless of its real weight and basis, could delay or shorten the program.  This may be a tactical move by anti-immigrant Republicans to stall until the election can seat their candidate Romney; who can eliminate the programs in a single order.

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