Approval of deferred action applications; the next steps

After your deferred action application is granted, what are your next steps?

This firm is now receiving its first approvals of deferred action applications, after what appears to be an average processing time of 120 days.  Once the application is approved, two letters are sent out; one is the approval of the deferred action application, and the second is the approval of the I-765 or work permit.

The work permit is the more important document for your next steps, and will be used to obtain your driver's license, and social security card and number.

To obtain a driver's license, you should bring your work permit, and your translated/certified birth certificate, to any local DMV office to begin your application there.

To obtain your social security card, you follow the instructions below, and fill out the attached form:

The instructions can be found here: ss-5 deferred_action.ssastatement,

and the form you need to fill out is the ss-5, also found here:  ss-5

You will again need the same certified/translated birth certificate, which the firm used to obtain your approval.  A copy can be obtained directly from this office if you just call to let us know you need it.