Undocumented licenses in Colorado; SB-251 fails applicants, lacking appointments

SB 251 was passed last year, and was given a delayed start date to accommodate the Department of Revenue. Despite this, the Department only opened five locations to actually process the thousands of undocumented residents of Colorado who are actively seeking the limited drivers' licenses authorized by the bill. Now however the bill is failing in its initial stated purpose as the Department imposes additional restrictions and document requirements on applicants, like tax transcripts rather than copies of tax forms; and has so few locations that each one appears to be closed to any further appointments until 2015.The Department maintains a calendar at this LINK: and if you check each location, they all appear to be full. Applicants are reporting that for each location, they must check for new openings each day after midnight when the calendar updates, and for months the calendar showed it was full to December 1. December was recently opened and immediately filled.

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