DACA Renewal process

The USCIS published information relating to renewals of deferred action, the benefit that became available June 15, 2012 for a two year temporary period.  The requirements appear go be simple, but an actual application for DACA Renewal will not be available until May, 2014.  The application can be submitted 120 days prior to expiration, so for those granted status in August, the applications can be submitted immediately upon their issuance in May. The only new or updated evidence that will be requested concerns criminal history, and removal proceedings.

The decision on any renewal may take as long as 120 days, and they will not likely accept applications sooner than 150 days prior to expiration; which means for most applicants for DACA Renewal, if you wish to keep valid work documents, you must submit the application in a very narrow window of 149 days to 120 days prior to the expiration date on your DACA documents.


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