Immigrant driver's licenses: more states allow licenses regardless of immigration status

States allow immigrant driver's licenses

A report by the National Immigration Law Center, full text inclusive-policies-advance-in-states-2013-09-09, lists the number of states that now allow licensing regardless of immigration status.  New Mexico, Utah and Washington have for years allowed immigrants to apply for driver's licenses.  In 2013, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, California, Vermont, Puerto Rico, and Connecticut all allow some form of driver's license to non-immigrants regardless of immigration status.

As recently as this month, California joins that list to allow non-immigrants or those without status to apply for a Driving Privilege (not a complete license) in that state, as part of a series of reforms enacted recently.  Colorado has also changed their position on the issue of immigrant licensing somewhat with S.B. 13-251, and now allows licensing of immigrants regardless of status, as well as tuition equity for resident students.  The changes to driver's licensing for eligible Colorado residents will not go into effect until August 1, 2014; and relies upon proof of payment of state and federal taxes for the previous year, a form of identification from a home country (passport or consular card), and possession of a federal tax ID number (TIN).