Deferred action program update from USCIS: 29 accepted

The deferred action program is proceeding, although slowly:  the New York Times reports in this article, the following: 82,000 applications accepted.

64,000 referred for fingerprints and background checks.

29 accepted.

Many of the clients in this firm received biometrics (fingerprinting) notices.  These are appointments with the local USCIS office for prints and photographs, used to run a national background check on each individual.  The notices we received have dated the biometrics appointment for roughly twenty days after acceptance of the application.  This number will increase however, as more applications are received.  The USCIS can and usually will find any previous police contacts if reported to the NCIC database, and the list of criminal convictions that can disqualify a young alien from this program is complicated, see this post.

The program however, after running for a month, has only accepted 29 applicants; or one per day.  This is a poor showing on a process based primarily on childhood entry into this country, and the lack of any criminal record.


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