Doubts about the new DREAM act and deferred action, and likely USCIS response

President Obama announced the new program guideline for DREAM eligible immigrants to apply for a form of deferred or suspended action.  The program sounds quite good on paper, but the practical side of this program may be nullified by resistance from the very agency required to follow it; USCIS, and their ICE personnel, specifically Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  An article is linked below, on the real risk that the program may be ignored or weakened.  The author notes, with some corroboration, that the last time a prosecutorial discretion memorandum was sent to USCIS  the result was a 1.5% approval rate for those eligible applicants.


The article does not cite to the source for the figure that only 1.5% of eligible individuals was granted relief, but the American Immigration Council did review the figures, and indicates from sources that of some 165,000 individual cases, only 1,500 were administratively closed under this guideline.

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